Jennifer is my super hero trainer.”
— Michele, Founder and CEO of PR Firm

It all started when…


My clients have often reached an impasse in their life, repeating behaviors that are not serving them and trying to solve problems in the same ways, even when it's not working.  I help them identify and breakthrough these patterns, leading to a more vibrant life.  

Why stay stuck or choose a life that is "good enough" when it is not what you really want. 

The work I do with clients is deep.  If you are not truly wanting change in your life, then I am not your person.  Together with my clients, we do serious work, lots of play, and we discover profound insights that bring life changing results.  Once we start together, I commit to my clients with an unwavering goal of helping them to feel fully alive and in permission to live the life of their choosing.


FOr those who prefer audio to reading.  Here's 5 minutes on my approach and why I do what I do.


Jennifer Pennell is sought after for her playful approach to meditation and transformation work.    She is trained through the Clairvision School of Meditation and has been a practitioner for almost a decade.  Through meditation and related techniques, she helps people get unstuck and reignite their enthusiasm in life, love, and work.  She empowers people to tap into what is most authentic and awake in themselves, bringing life changing results.  She is a reformed corporate executive, passionate meditator, curious parent, and lifelong traveler.

While based in San Diego, CA, Jennifer is available to see clients throughout California.