Fear and Inspirational Quotes for My Daughter. A repost from my recent newsletter

I was recently asked for an inspirational quote to give my daughter.

Wow.  What wisdom could I share with my daughter that she will understand at age 12 and also rediscover it at 21, 35, and age 42?  Yes, I was overthinking it.

For some reason, I connected this simple request to where I am in life and to a recent conversation with a woman I just met.  This woman finished her yoga teacher training five years ago, but the idea of leading a class paralyzed her with fear.  She finally broke through her fear four years later to teach her first class.  Less than a year later, she is a well-respected and passionate yoga instructor.  I asked what helped her move through the fear.  She said she had run out of excuses and realized there was never going to be a better time or a less scary time to jump in.

Sometimes, fear is a sign that you are moving in the right direction.
I felt an intense fear when I left corporate America.  And again, when I committed to this work.  I felt fear when I told my husband I loved him for the first time.  That fear returns to me with each step I take into the life I'm building now.  Sometimes, I even feel it when I send these damn newsletters.  Slowly, I'm learning to embrace that fear, digest it and use it to propel me forward.  

So. To my daughter, and as a reminder to myself when fear comes knocking, I bow to the words of Anais Nin.
One's life expands or shrinks in proportion to one's courage  
                                                            - Anais Nin