A Workshop for Women

When: June 15, 2019 // 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Where: Expressive Arts on 31st and Thorn, San Diego

I invite you to join us for an afternoon of play. Permission to Play is a workshop designed to expand boundaries, introduce fun ways to re-engage play and ignite that unbearable lightness of being. You will learn tools to bring your own brand of joy and playfulness into everyday life.

Each woman experiences play in her own unique way, and yet the sense of personal freedom, buoyancy and inner spaciousness holds true across all women. In play, we embrace experiences, learn from every moment, and we become open to new opportunities. Rather than looking for what's wrong inside us, let's start celebrating all that is right within us.

"The Permission to Play experience inspired me to get more uninhibited in my thoughts and behaviors which was both refreshing and uncomfortable.

Through activity, laughter and deeply honest conversations, a connection formed between all participants that for me was really unexpected and wonderful! Thank you, Jennifer."

- Keasha Lee Ince, Founder + Creative Director, Striking Statements

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