Inner Wild Child Immersion for Women

Inner Wild Immersion
Inner Wild Immersion

Inner Wild Child Immersion for Women


Inner Wild Child Immersion for Women
May 18, 6-8:30pm & May 19, 9:00-4:00pm

Expressive Arts at 32nd & Thorn, San Diego

Your potential in this life is unlimited.

But you must claim all that is yours, including and most importantly, your inner wild.

There are so many of us that lose this as we gain responsibility and jobs and marriages and children. We forget that this quality inside of us is what inspires and propels us in life. When we squash it or hide it, we shrink. We get stuck. Life looks like a rut where we are constantly tired and busy. We lose our sense of wonder and curiosity. Or, we catch a glimpse of our wildness and it’s so big and powerful and intense that it feels dangerous or even scary. So we tame it, bury it, or stop listening for it. We forget who we are when we take off the hats we wear in life - and don't even know where to start to find ourselves again.

The Inner Wild Immersion re-connects you to the places inside where you are already fully alive. You will see what's been tamed, and what's lying dormant, waiting for you. And when you do, creativity flourishes and vitality rises. Life is brighter and filled with rich experiences. As life expands, we feel more compassion and generosity towards others, ourselves and our families.

This workshop is a chance to bring forward your hidden gems in a way that feeds and nourishes you.

Finding our hidden gems requires a space of trust and compassion, but also belly laughing, colors and good music. SO much of our wildness comes not from our brains but our bodies. While we tap the intellect, we will also be reaching into our bodies for wisdom in the tactile and tap the experience from all the senses as we play with paint, words, music and others.

One of the best things we hear from women after these workshops is that it was a giving to themselves. It replenishes. That this time out was absolutely necessary for the creative sides of themselves. It is an experience that does not require explanation to anyone because it is for them alone.

Join us for this round of wild.

"When I'm wild, I'm not anxious."


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